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>There Will Be Blood Bad Writing In The Streets

31 Oct

>…If Barack Obama does not win, says washed-up sortafeminist Erica Jong.  (via pdb).  She’s hoping/afraid it will be a “second American Civil War.”

     Yeah, right.  Because there has never, ever been a hotly-contested Presidential election in the United States before; and the country has a long history of violent uprisings after Presidential races, followed by harsh suppression, especially when they didn’t go as the Press expected….
     Except not.  Never.  Not ever.  (The last Civil War?  That pretty much started in Congress.  Just sayin’).
     Americans have good sense.  While I will not be surprised at a little “irrational exuberance” come election night no matter who wins and I won’t be shocked if there’s more of it in the big cities than the small towns, the next day, you know what will happen?  Nothing.  It will be a day just like any other.  Down the road — again, no matter who wins — there will be much noise and fury in the media and on placards and whoever’s President will be subject to much criticism.
     This here is the United States of America and when we elect a new El Supremo, he gets four years with a chance at another four if he hasn’t screwed up too terribly.  By the mid term elections, we often yank control of Congress away from his party (if it had it to begin with).  Liberal, conservative or way out there, we are a fickle lot.  And I love that.  I believe it helps  maintain our freedom
     …One bit of happy news from Ms. Jong: “Yesterday, Jane Fonda sent me an email to tell me that she cried all night and can’t cure her ailing back for all the stress that has reduces (sic) her to a bundle of nerves.”  I guess it was a lot less stressful sleeping in Hanoi during a war?  Ooooookay.  

>They’re Doing It Again

30 Oct

>Caught a Network TV Morning Show piece on the sad machine-gun death of a child in Massechussetts and after some back-and-forth and handwringing, the reporter intoned, “…This tragedy has focused attention in the issue of children and semi-automatic weapons….” (emphasis mine).

    It’s the ol’ Three-Card Monte once more.  Watch ’em closely — they walk in talking about “machine guns” and walk out trying to ban or restrict ordinary one shot per trigger press firearms.
     Fully-automatic weapons are not semi-automatic.
     “Automatic weapons” are not semi-automatic.
     Semiautomatic weapons fire once when you apply pressure to the trigger.
     Fully-automatic weapons are not semi-automatic.
     “Automatic weapons” are not semi-automatic.
     Let’s help our dear pals in the media understand this, or they’ll try to turn a kid’s horribly unfortunate death when the Uzi slipped into another try at banning your Ruger rifle, Tam’s AR-15 and my SKS.

>There’s "Socialism" And "socialism"

30 Oct

>Senator Obama favors the latter.  The Christian Science Monitor gets it right.

>Riddle This

30 Oct

>     The Dems tell us the “rich” are payin’ almost no tax at all with Republicans in charge* and then they tell us John McCain will give huge tax breaks to those same rich people.  How’s that work?


     Why don’t medications ever have amusing side effects?   It’s always “Serious side effects may occur…”  Never, “You’ll turn bright orange with green spots for three days and talk like you’re on helium, but it’s harmless.”  I guess it works like politics: the choice is always between “not real good” and “worse.”  
     Tam, fuming over the ill-informed and over-enthusiastic: “It’s like walking into the neighborhood garage and exclaiming in delight over the ‘stylin’, well-engineered Yugo’ you just saw.” Ow.
* Except last I looked, the GOP was in the minority in the House and Senate.  You’d think the Democrats would have ushered in an era of peace, prosperity and Two Chickens In Every Garage by now.  They must be doggin’ it.  Either that or they’ve confused the US with Imperial Rome again.

>Good Morning!

29 Oct

>…I’m still working on recipients for the Superior Scribbler Award, so I can claim mine.  Even after eliminating all the folks who’ve already received one, the list is too long.  

     Maybe this evening.  It’s happy-get-ready-for-work-time now!  Blearrrgh.*  (A term I learned from Tam’s cat Random Numbers). 
     Don’t take any wooden-headed politicians, okay?
* Spellcheck suggests “blearier.”  Pretty close.

>A Peek Behind The Mask

29 Oct


     Democrat Vice-Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has been working the satellite interview circuit pretty hard, his tie off and his suit jacket draped over a nearby table with careful informality.  This stuff comes over in the clear and all it takes to see it is a C-band dish and receiver.  You don’t get to hear the questions, just his side of it.
     One example you’ve probably seen by now (with both questions and answers) is the interview in which a typical-looking anchorwoman asks him some very untypical questions (about, for example, what’s up comments that sound kinda Marxist from the Dem Presidential candidate) and oh my, how it took him off-guard.
     Saw a bit of such a feed, one collection of softball-questions and sound bites after another, interspersed with breaks while the next interviewer dials in.  I was taken by how worn and wary he looked between takes.  Oh, when the bell rings, the old firehorse is rarin’ to go, shiny white teeth bared in a happy smile, eyes twinkling.  He’s a pro.   But after one session ends and the next is lined up, you could see the tension build.  
     A newsie from middle-class America held a mirror up to his campaign the other day and he didn’t like what he saw; now as every new interview begins, he’s wondering behind the smile, “Will she point out where the campaign is sounding socialist?  Will he call me elitist?”  
     Hey, Senator, it can’t be softballs all the time.  Your party may have most of the media on your side, but you haven’t got all of them.
     It’s called Freedom of the Press.  Remember?  Pretty sure you’re in favor of that when it’s used on your opponents.
     Joe Biden’s starting to get that hangdog, Spiro Agnew look in his eyes.  I wonder what kind of polling data he’s seeing?

>Pre-dawn Thoughts

28 Oct

>Not much time for posting this morning, but as I laid in bed, half-awake and the various lurid missteps of sundry politicians were paraded across the television, I muttered, “Lay down with fleas, get up with dogs.”

     That is the way it seems to work any more.  Oh, they’re bad dudes; I figure anyone much above a first-term City Councilman has got some skeleton in the closet.  Yet somehow it still surprises each of them when it comes out, and there’s a flurry of protest akin to a cat headed for a bath.  What, you didn’t notice when it happened to your peers?