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>Food, Glorious Food

31 Oct

>Went tearing home last night, late and in the teeth of a gale. It rained so hard that when I raced into Fresh Market on the way (playing Beat The Clock against their closing time), the raindrops hurt, and that was with the hood of my sweatshirt over my head.

I was grabbing goodies for breakfast. Ended up this morning with this:While setting a land speed record(Produce Department subcategory), this thing caught my eye. Looks a bit scary, doesn’t it? It’s a Watermelon Radish, with a mild-horseradishy bite. How we get from the second photo to the first one goes like this:First, a closer look at The Radish. Whoa! It’s big for a radish, too, about the same size as a medium potato. Think of it as a turnip with a real bad attitude. Diced and added to mushrooms and potatoes, with a nice Anaheim pepper chopped up and tossed in for crunch and flavor. D’ya think Tam (presently elsewhere) would try it if we told her the radish was raw beef?Scramble a couple of eggs in it….Add the bacon I started the skillet with back in, plus three thin, warmed slices of salami all smashed up and some diced red bell pepper for a touch of sweetness and crunch. Warm all the added ingredients, decant onto a plate and…Taa-daa! I snipped some chives over it and grated a little more of the watermelon radish, too, mostly for color.

Fried the bacon with fresh-ground pepper, tossed a little all-purpose Cajun Seasoning on the ‘taters before cooking them and between that and the marvelous flavor of the purple-red radish (this one was really nice, not wasabi-sharp but assertive enough to stand out without dominating the other flavors), it needed not a thing extra.

Yum! I suppose Breakfast Hash using whatever I stumble over at the grocer’s is my signature dish and a lazy one at that, but I wouldn’t trade it for all the tea in China — or all the cordon bleu in France, either.


>High-Tech Solution

30 Oct

>Sleepy? There’s an app for that!

>It Found Me!

30 Oct

> I’m pretty sure this is the same sect that ran Campus Crusade For Cthulhu until they lost that lawsuit….

Relatedly: Buy a blank edition and write your own. Or enjoy the ‘toon version: Li’l Cthulhu.

>Why Is It

29 Oct

>Update: Nathan provided a link to the truth about the Wishard “no taxes” scam in comments and I’ve put it up here so more folks will see it.

…Especially on the Left but don’t kid yourself, the Right does it too: if Congress rams through some unpopular (or at least divisive) “bold new step” you don’t like, they’re wicked, stupid or both but if you like their latest Adventure In Overgoverning, they’re the intrepid heroes, bravely doing what is right.

The truth is, A) we already have way more government than is needed; B) Congressbeings are, on average, not worth the cost of gasoline to run the short bus they ought to be taking to their job-like endeavors; and C) they think we’re all idiots for letting them get away with it. What stings the most is that last item is the only time you can count on them being right.

Question is, what’re we going to do about it?

Election time is coming ’round here in De Heardtland. There’s not much on the ballot but I do have a chance to vote against a bond issue (to build a sparkling new edifice in place of poor old Wishard — the charity hospital) that’s sure to raise my taxes; they keep sending me shiny-printed, expensive postcards promising it won’t but this is, in fact, a lie supported by optimistic under-estimates and accounting tricks. Also, if they’d’a saved what they have spent on those lyin’ cards, they could have had a head start on the construction they’re so eager to spend my money on. (I’m not the only one thinks so, either).

Whatever it is, if it doesn’t make government smaller, weaker or quieter, vote against it!

>Another Day, Part 16

29 Oct

>Hey, I’ve got two weeks and all I need to do is get Sherriff Mike some better intelligence on George Wells and his bunch; maybe he’ll just round ’em all up and won’t need me at all.

Maybe I’ll get a pony for Christmas too — but it’d probably be on the menu if I did. Gonna be a busy fortnight.

* * *
“Busy fortnight?” Roberta, Mistress Of The Understatement: as far as the Chief was concerned, our Date With Technological Destiny meant it was high time the ‘Drive Compartment got a thorough cleaning and every last subassembly, part, manual, bit of software and even tool that was old, worn and/or not immediate applicable would be chucked in the Recycle bins and, if possible, entirely disposed of. Times like these, I am reminded of the persistent rumor that he is one of the very few guys to have made the transition from NASA’s oh-so-public grandstanding disinformation campaign to the real deal; his aversion to excess sure fits that profile.


>News From The Hidden Frontier

28 Oct

>- You should always check with the experts before using GLONASS to navigate a squirt-booster landing. Note the “mysterious crater” showed up in September ’07 and the first new launch supporting/updating the Russian satnav system happened later that month. Coincidence?

– I have mentioned the “Agreement of 1989,” which semi-offically ended hostilites between the Far Edge and NATO/USSF. Some operations took longer to wind down than others. The Edgers have long sought to expand their gene pool, not always tactfully.

– German WW II FTL drive parts? It does have that “Glocky” look, even if it’s one artist’s impression rather than the actual proto-CLASSIFIED from a bellship.

One or two new episodes of I Work On A Starship are coming soon!

>Everything Old Is New Again

27 Oct

>…Including raging at bankers exploitin’ the downtrod; but the interesting thing to me about this pair of stories, a bit on the Horrors Of Bankers from The Nation that would fit right into a German newspaper from about 1934 and a huffy hand-wringer from HuffPo about how the Administration — their guy’s the Administration! — isn’t beating up banks nearly hard enough or with the proper degree of venom, is the way in which they demonstrate how the wheels are coming off the well-oiled Great leader machine.

There is no “there” there and far from finding it worrisome, I take a measure of reassurance in it. I don’t think Americans are entirely immune to Five-Year Plans, Great Leaps Forward or the sudden urge to reclaim the Sudetenland but we’re pretty resistant to it. For me, the saving grace of both the traditional Left and their foes on the Right is there’s plenty of conflict and chaos under each side’s “big tent.” It does much toward keeping them, if not honest, at least confined to smaller-scale wickednesses than would otherwise be the case.