>Political Ads

9 Oct

>It seems as if most of the candidates are running ads callin’ for change — the GOP wants it and the Dems, why, most of their lot thinks we haven’t been hopey-changed hard enough.

The message I keep hearing between the lines is like a cross between Satchel Paige and the optimistic kid with a room full of horse manure, “When you’re at the bottom of a hole, dig faster: something might be gaining on you!”

Yeah, or there might be a pony down there. But I doubt it.

If you want change, vote for real change. At least vote for the Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State and help keep ’em on the ballot.


One Response to “>Political Ads”

  1. Underground Carpenter 10 October 2010 at 6:41 am #

    >Hi Roberta X,"…Dems, why, most of their lot thinks we haven't been hopey-changed hard enough."Now that's some writing!Perhaps in another 5 or 6 centuries, people will figure out that government does more harm than good, and why in the hell did we ever tolerate it.Dave

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