>Cuppa’ Tea, Mr. Warhol?

18 Oct

>At first I was going to play it up: I just found out that Maureen “Moe” Tucker, drummer for that aging-hipster icon band Velvet Underground showed up in the crowd at a Tea Party rally in Georgia. And indeed, ’tis a shock to the Lefties.

But once you know the backstory — she’d relocated to a small-to-medium Georgia town years before, in order to raise her kids — it’s unremarkable. 60ish small-town Mom shows up at Tea Party event, expresses support? Yeah, her and a million more just like her!

It is good to be reminded that not every famous musician has a train-wreck private life and gets her opinions off the same rack as Streisand; but to be stunned by it is to live in a cartoon version of the real world.


One Response to “>Cuppa’ Tea, Mr. Warhol?”

  1. D.W. Drang 19 October 2010 at 3:00 am #

    >The leftards should be reminded that Lennon and McCartney wrote "Taxman" when they got Her Majesty's bill…WV: ardiatio. The ratio of the ardency to a cause compared to contradictory impulses, i.e., a socialist who just got their tax bill…

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