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>Egypt: Now With Glow-In-The-Dark

31 Jan

>I guess I’m just a pessimist. With widespread rioting in Egypt and the breakdown of civil order in that country, my brain lit up a radiation trefoil and posed the question: “Are there any reactors in Egypt?”

Why yes. Yes there are. At least one of them is a bit wonky. If you’re the worrying type, you’d be wondering if maybe they already had a sneaky weapons program.


Remember just a few weeks ago, when decent, ordinary Muslim Egyptians were standing shoulder to shoulder with their Coptic fellows to keep halfwits from disturbing Christmas celebrations? I sure hope there are a lot more of those guys than wild-eyed kaboomies; but I would hate to have to bet on it.

Except we already kind of are.


>Yum, Victory Bread

31 Jan

>…I dunno. Picked up some plain white bread at the Hippie Store and realized it was marked “gluten free” when I got home.

For toast, it’s like something they’d feed members of the Outer Party in1984. Starts out with some taste and texture but turns into a mouthful of sawdust.

Bless ’em for tryin’, there’s folks who cannot tolerate gluten, but this is the very essence of ersatz. …At least Postum succeeded (for a long time) on its own merits….

>"A Day Called X"

30 Jan

>They named a day after me! Too bad it was the (simulated) day the (simulated) response of (real) Portland, Washington Oregon (dadburned geography!) to a (simulated) atom-bomb bomber attack (simulatedly) occurred:

…Meanwhile, ain’t nobody official got nothing planned for an Egypt-type massive outbreak of civil unrest. I’m pretty sure Portland-style — or, more like it, New Orleans-style — evacuation won’t work out very well.

Perhaps one might care to consider making one’s own plans?

>An Ancient Outrage, An Ancient Right

30 Jan

>…And one they don’t have any more. Turk Turon takes us back to the Tottenham Outrage, when Crown subjects lent their personal sidearms to police and helped them run a pair of desperate robbers to ground; a time when Britons commonly carried personal weapons and the murder rate was a fraction of the present day.

Which is the greater outrage, I wonder: a single running gunbattle, or disarming an entire nation of people?

>It’s Wrong To Snicker

30 Jan

>Even though no one was hurt. It’s impolite to giggle.

…Still, when something goes awry in the sewers in those hours between bar-closing time and dawn, creating a tooth-rattling explosion people nearby compared to thunder; and it happens along Massachusetts Ave, heart of the “Arts (and gay bars) District,” you’d think the people inside my tellyavision would have the grace to refrain from calling it, “An explosion that blew off manholes along Mass Ave….”

They didn’t refrain. They used the phrase, big as life. Great, we were getting free urban renewal along that street….

>Still Running A Fever

30 Jan

>Aw, geesh. I knew I was sort of floaty and out of it.

I’m gettin’ horizontal some more.

>Melting! Melting!

29 Jan

>What a world: The kilogram is shrinking. That is, either it’s shrinking or the other kilos it is compared to are growing; there’s no way to be certain.

To add to the fun, there’s no consensus on what should replace the present physical standard. Most of the other basic units have some derivable definition, such that given a physics lab and a few tens of thousands of dollars, you could dope out your own Meter or Second (and feed a starving grad student). Not so with the unit of mass.

You realize that if each kilogram is lighter, it looks like I’m getting heavier, don’t you? So unfair!