>Good Morning!

16 Jan

>It better be a good morning, if it know what’s good for it. –Cold, which I loathe; with every year, I come to a better understanding of why people retire to warm climates.

There’s a gun show this morning, a BlogMeet this afternoon and you’ll find a propaganda poster from the Hidden Frontier at I Work On A Starship. If there’s not something in all that to amuse you, you’d better find a book.


One Response to “>Good Morning!”

  1. Nowayoutbutup 17 January 2011 at 11:55 pm #

    >The Star Palace is a dance venue located above Old Warnors Theatre.The popularity has come and gone over the years but seems to be on the uptake as the downtown area of Fresno improves.I rented my sound system many times to bands coming to Fresno without the gear needed to play larger venues such as the Star Palace.

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