>Ancient Myths For Modern Times

4 May

>(I blame Larry Correia for this’n, as I am about halfway through Hard Magic, a wonderful yarn you should buy and read right now. Use Tam’s “Stuff You Need” Amazon link and she gets, like, a quarter at no cost to you).

Whattaya call a race of one-eyed giants, who triumph over their enemies by a clever campaign of battlefield deception and morale-destroying rumors and publications?

PsyOps Cyclops!

(This is as nothing beyond the failed post-WW II proposed ordinance to keep post-modernishm out of a college town in Utah; of course the measure wasn’t going to work, but having Ted Ono sponsor it only made things worse: Ono’s Po-Mo No Go Provo never made it through the first reading, due to excessive giggling.)

PS: In researching for this post, I stumbled across a very fine type foundry out West, PSY/OPS. Have a look!


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