>The Most Transparent Administration Evar

16 Jun

>Except not.

Yeah, I know Mr. the President Obama’s presented-in-secret transparency award made the chuckling rounds of our corner of the blogosphere awhile back already; this latest complaint, however, comes from his own pet Left* (as appears to increasingly be the case): one D. Ellsberg, et al, in the frikkin’ Guardian.

Think he’ll listen?

* Y’know, in a number of ways, I’d be way nicer to the Left if their leaders lived up to their own hyperbole when elected. If, instead of or in addition to merely tellin’ me they were gonna End The War (whichever The War happens to be on at the time) an’ conduct the Affairs of State in the Clear, Clean Light of Day sans all skulking and skullduggery, eternally eschewing the cloak, the dagger and even fibbing, they actually went and did it, they would find no greater cheerleader than me. But the reality is, all their sneers at their GOPposition’s use of sneaking appear to be in reality over the way the Right is not very good at getting away with it. And that’s just sad. I’m sure I’ll get one of those “But Teh Gummint has just got to have sekrets!” lectures. I’m not so sure that’s true; it might inhibit the foreign adventuring but I see that as more of a feature than a problem.


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