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>Mitch Bows Out

22 May

>Governor Daniels has announced he is not running for President. Did the recent Indiana State Supreme Court decision have anything to do with it? Tam says, “I doubt it.” Mitch says he doesn’t want to put his family through the campaign, never mind the stress and upheavel had he won the job.

It’s a point. The campaign’s got to be like touring with a rock band (only less dope. Well. maybe less) and sex licit and illicit (ditto) but even more stress. And the reward for winning is, you get the worst job in the world. Sure, you can nap or take days at a time to go play golf; all of it behind a wall of security, none of it more the than seconds away from communication at, as they love to intone, “…the highest levels…” which really means that by the time it reaches you, whatever it is has been well and truly fouled up. So I don’t blame him. I don’t know why anyone with more sense than a June bug would actually want to be President of the United States.

Which explains quite a lot, really. It certainly accounts for the things found swimming in the candidate pool and what crawls out when the counting is completed.


>Back To The Grind

27 Dec

>After three days, I almost miss it. Almost. Today might be interesting: thanks to holidays and an op or two out sick, I’ll be putting in some time running the stuff I usually only install and repair. Not quite the same skill set.

Speaking of “grind,” my next magical trick will be to port IWOAS the book back to “trade size,” maybe add an extra or two, and set it up for the Ka-Blam! version. There’s no short cut, it’s just one step at a time. Hoping to start on that this evening. (Also, I need to learn more about how Word handles page numbers — and how to cheat it) (I think I just found that!).

>Out The Door Early

14 Dec

>So I must head to the shower. Huck-the-cat has a date with the vet (yes, that, and before he starts to spray) and I need to be there in a bit over an hour.

He’s vexed with me for taking his food away last night; this morning, he tried to eat the feathers from a cat-toy and spent a little time gnawing on his own tail.

>When NYC Gets A Cold, Europe Sneezes

17 Nov

>Which explains why Big Apple bedbugs are showin’ up in Gay Paree.

Lookie here, globetrotters, I’ve got three letters for you: DDT.

If these suckers spread to the hinterlands, meth labs may have to make way for the surreptitious cookers of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane. “Quick, Henry, the Flit!”

Try to remember the problem last time arose from indiscriminate use — oh, so very.

>Tam Update

7 Nov

>She’s headed for Roseholme, laying over in The City Of Brotherly Love for an hour or so. Just called in.

I haven’t written on her sojourn ‘cos I saw no reason to advertise that I was Home Alone. It’ll be a relief not to be.

>Oh, Almost (Editorial Page)

2 Sep

>One commenter thinks Indianapolis has too many teenagers shooting one another (we do); she even gets as far as suggesting solutions should include “More activities and safe places to hang out…[t]hey want positive role models….” but having already loosened the lug nuts with “The Second Amendment was never designed so that young people who do not have the cognitive ability to control their impulses or solve problems effectively* could draw a weapon any time they felt that someone disrespected them,” the wheels come right off when she abjures us to, “[D]o our part to ensure that youth are safe by removing the availability of guns….” What, by making it even more illegal than it already is? The Second Amendment does not apply to minors. Never has.

Another writer — Indiana University School of Journalism Deep Thinker Anthony Fargo — frets that mean ol’ President Obama has signed a bill that protects American citizens freedom of speech entirely too much. It seems that some U.S. publishers lost libel suits in countries who lack law or tradition akin to our First Amendment and Congress has attempted to fix that by requiring U.S. courts to refuse to enforce judgments coming from such counties. Mr. Fargo opines that this law is a bad thing. How, exactly? Hey, Mr. School of Journalism, do you want your line of work to get even deeper in debt and trouble, or were you expecting such Bill Of Rights bypassing lawsuits would only affect those of whom you disapprove? Ahh, he’d rather judges were allowed “discretion.” That works out well for you…when your side is picking the judges. No, hells no, there’s no sneaking around the Bill Of Rights by venue-shopping, you slimy ninny.
* Put that way, it sounds as though she believes they never will master impulse control or complex reasoning. When the prevailing thinking shifted from inculcating civilized values in the young (by main force if need be) to nurturing their inherent preciousness no matter how ignorant or brutal it might happen to be, everybody lost — especially the kids.

>They Sell Printing Presses To Anyone

21 Jul

>Your character doesn’t matter. There isn’t even a background check. Fork over money, receive printing press, try to lose money fast enough to meet payroll. And then, you get to write headlines like “IS RIGHT THE NEW LEFT?” It piqued my interest…until I read the subhead, which told me it was about strange new kinds of traffic intersections.

It turns out that “peaceable assembly” thing is wide-open, too; you’re not limited to just one a month and as long as it is peaceable, it doesn’t need to have a sporting purpose or nuthin’.

You’re (often) good to go even if some of the assemblees aren’t very peaceable — take the recently-ended Indiana Black Expo, for instance. I’d like to tell you the shooting that marred Saturday evening was an unusual occurrence, but it keeps happening. After years of having some level of violence break out in and around the teen-focused events Saturday night and making vague promises to fix the problem, IBE’s CEO has announced the formation of a task force; this time, in addition to working on ways to make the event safer, they are to “look at the root causes of youth violence.” Yeah, “look,” that’ll make gangs less attractive to young folks. Especially with no one younger than 30 on the committee. Mostly, they’re talkin’ serious levels of weapons screening and fencing-off: kind of like prison, but with music. It seems suboptimal.

Event organizers very rightly point out the remainder of the Expo does not suffer this sort of trouble; the health fair, job fair, resume help and (for lack of a better term) grown-up concerts (etc.) are safe and positive events.*

At least one member of the task force gets it: Rev. Jeffrey Johnson, no stranger to task forces, points out, “There are reports this thick from task forces that are sitting on desks all over this city. …We have not figured out a way to implement them.” Me neither; it only takes a few ijits to mess up a whole evening.

(Interesting story in this vein from Ruth Holliday, addressing the incident and the media sugar-coating out-of-control youth — have a look).
* Y’know how we point out that if guns cause criminal behavior, 99.99999% of the guns in the U.S. must be broken, ‘cos it’s a vanishingly small percentage that are used in crime? If crowds cause violence, this one is broken, too: out of well over 40K people, one or possibly two moron gangstas initiated force. And cast a very big shadow over the entire event.