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June BlogMeet!

17 Jun

Halp! Need suggestions.

Looks like 26 June will be our weekend, but the place…? It should be the right kind of weather for the patio at Brugge and I do have a hankerin’ for Belgian steak.


>Hahahaha! Tam Didn’t Know!

19 May

>Tonight, Turk and I returned from a delightful Yat’s dinner to find Tam ruefully shaking her head: “We’ll have to change the BlogMeet! The Rapture is that Saturday!

I thought she was already aware of that — and never you mind that the same guy has already predicted dates for the event that have come and gone.

Carl Bussjaeger’s running a poll on people’s plans for 21 May. I may go to the Broad Ripple Art Fair; there should be no shortage of artists and attendees either way.

The BlogMeet is still on for the 22nd. If you have to miss it ‘cos of bein’ Raptured, well, I’m going to look on that, in my terrible, terrible way, as another splendid exercise of the freedom protected by the Bill of Rights. I’m hardly equipped to make such a prediction, after all, and I’m not going to schedule around it. I’m sure not gonna argue about it with short-timers.

>May BlogMeet!

17 May

>Yes! It’s aw-feeeesh-ull! –Cos there’s, like, a poster an’ stuff, see?You may be wondering where is the Brew Pub? Follow the link!


25 Apr

>Soooo…. I figured the Brew Pub would be open; I mean, how could they not…?

Pretty easily, as it turned out. But no matter; intrepid scouts quickly located those few places that were open (Brugge among them) and ’twas determined that Canal Bistro, right next to the turtle-threatening sculpture, would be our spot.

And a good thing it was; there’s nothing like saganaki, battered and deep-fried calimari, gyros, lamburgers (!) and/or a good Greek salad to pep up a chilly, rainy day — nothing, that is, except good company: …Not my day for photography. But clockwise from lower left, we have Brigid, The Jack, Joanna, Old Grouch, Dave (Scout 26 of The Cancer Ward — his very first Indy BlogMeet), Nathan, an empty seat (cos that’s mine) and Tamara K!

The food was great and there was even a little excitement outside, but that I will have to let others tell and/or leave for another time, as I’m back to the eye-doctor, to see if they’ll maybe sell me some contacts.

Should I admit to seeing things like this? I’d always wondered where they came from….

>April BlogMeet!

21 Apr

>Yes, it is official and you’re invited! The April Indy BlogMeet will be this coming Sunday, 24 April at 3:00 pm at the famous Broad Ripple Brew Pub.

In addition to the obvious, it’s an historical date — the Spanish-American War (™ 1898, Hearst Newspapers) started, Jimmy Carter’s mission to rescue hostages in Iran fell apart, the Irish revolted (again) and in 1924, Governor of Indiana Warren T. McCray resigned after being found guilty of mail fraud (an interesting example of a man being right and wrong at the same time).

Also on this date, Apple introduced the Apple IIc portable computer, no doubt to shorter lines of fans, some of whom nevertheless had surely camped out overnight to be at the front of the line.

>April Indy BlogMeet

15 Apr

>I’m still darned if I know where to have it but it looks like the 24th is the only open date I’ve got. (Yes, it’s Easter. That’s likely to be a problem. –I’m not very good at this stuff).

Can’t find a Chinese place that’s open early enough (or late enough) Sunday afternoon. I’m open to suggestions. Back to the Brew Pub?

>Official BlogMeet Report

28 Feb

>The multitude (for just a couple of minutes, it looked like we might top out at three) gathered at the appointed place at the appointed hour, and it was goooood.

The Monon Food Company excelled at, how ’bout that, food. Gunblogger recommended!

Clockwise from front left: Don, The Jack, Joanna, Tam, Kerry, Mycroft, Old Grouch, Longhorn Jeff and the space left vacant by The Blogger Usually Known As Me. Note the Wheelbarrows’O’Cash atop the table, too! Jeff handed them out, possibly the reason he looks so happy.

Jeff brought something else along, too, which will be the subject of a future post at Retrotechnologist. (A new link in the top post there, to the Morse Telegraph Club, who put landline telegraphy on the Internet. Try’n top that; you’d need a steam-powered directly steam-operated computer.)