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>Decisions, Decisions

18 May

>Rush out the door to pick up a sealed motorcycle battery and charge it in a hurry so I can ride the Yamaha to work and not have to contend with parking a block away ‘cos of some client event? Or beg Tam for a lift to/from, or just grit my teeth and do the difficult thing like a grown-up?

(Plan D: ride my bicycle! But that would be teh suxxor if it rains, also calls for tripping through a bad neighborhood, “unarmed.” So to speak. Plus if it’s a tough day, it’d be a super tough ride home, uphillish all the way.)

But geesh, I hate the long walk from the temp lot. It’s not that great an area, which is why Skunk Works Main Campus has a high, bobwired (as we say) security fence and cardreader gates with cryptic warnings. (“AVISO: SHOGGOTH IN USE!” “PORTAL MAY OPEN RANDOMLY. STAND CLEAR” “THAT WAS MY LUNCH, DARN YOU.” Heck, it looked like axle grease to me.)…Which randomness reminds me, if the fast food industry only exists to tempt us with the sugar and fat we crave, how come my chilled mixture of brown sugar and butter has never taken off as a snack food? Heat it up, stir it up, cool and enjoy. Everything you long for and no annoying healthy extras! Oh, well. Maybe it needs lard.


>I’m As Recovered As The Economy

25 Jan

>Which made today a Day From Hell. Finally did take a Bella Alk once I got to work, after a nasty panicky departure in which I lost the pill bottle, gave up and figured I would do without for as long as I could, then urp heroically and see how I felt afterward.

Found the pills after I’d stumbled in. They’d burrowed to the bottom of my purse.* I was therefore able to swap queasy drifting mixed with red-hot annoyance for the semi-drunk, clumsy, ill-controlled effects of that witches’ brew right before I managed to get into hot water with the brass. –Hell, I had it coming, almost, but anyone who has noted the parallels between tech-types and some other, challenged folks knows the problem with face time.

Now try that after a quick, stiff drink and looking into a well-irked face. Degree-of-difficulty points, hey? But I neither ran nor horked, ‘cos I’m strong like that. Also, there was broken stuff to be fixed if I got through it. (Double-secret broken stuff that wasn’t written up, even).

Stumbled and staggered through the day, did not break anything or cause outages, got half a bag of cheese crackers and a bowl of rice down for a late lunch, then found them wanting back out the way they came in right before going home time. So I tried it the other way: took another anti-heave prescription pill and drove home.

And if I am barfy tomorrow? Hospital. Trying to work while I have symptoms like this is idiotic. Even though I accomplished a little, the risks to myself and others were too great.
* There is a reason why I love purses with a great many sections, pockets and compartments and this incident demonstrates it.

>The Secret Of Happiness

4 Aug

>I’m tempted. Drink it hot, or enjoy it frozen like ice cream, do you suppose?

>I Want The MP3

27 Jun

>Dustbury links us to There’s A Zombie On Your Lawn, as performed by the composer. Gilbert & Sullivan, eat your hearts out — unless the zombies already have. (Also here. I am sooo checking iTunes).

>Frikkin’ Replicants

22 May

>From the Wall Street Journal, via The Unwanted Blog: “Scientists Create First Synthetic Cell.” Greaaaaat — soon, they’ll be making artificial annoying neighbors, like the ones across the street who have screaming arguments every night.

Interesting sidelight: “To set this novel bacterium—and all its descendants—apart from any natural creation, Dr. Venter and his colleagues wrote their names into its chemical DNA code, along with three apt quotations from James Joyce and others.” So, does this mean we can look forward to hearing, “Dammit! Your copy of Lord Of the Rings got into the bread and now it’s all green and fuzzy!” or, “Lysol? But I was growing spare copies of my Chem textbook in those socks!”

>I Need This?

7 May

>So, this morning Tam tells me, when I wander into the Computer, Command & Control bunker here at Roseholme, fresh-won cup of coffee in hand, “You got blog all over you!” (And for a perfectly logical comment, too — chronotemporal stability is everyone’s business). Being slightly more vain that a cat, I went to look and — yet again! — Amazon’s Scariest Pick popped up in the sidebar:[CLICK TO EMBIGGEN]Yes, it’s a Monkey Peeler. Eeeeeeeee! All right, where’s the chunk of software thinks I have some dark, deep-seated urge to peel monkeys, and what band of whackjobs is actually sellin’ the hardware to do it with? Man, that is just so wrong.


30 Apr

>…I have spent most of today in bed asleep and I am heading back there next. I don’t know what bug bit me; I was getting ready for work this morning, really havin’ to struggle, and suddenly realized I felt way more than awful. Called in, laid down and was asleep again in seconds. Tam woke me for a late lunch, followed by an upset tummy; I have napped a bit since and I am falling asleep at the keyboard now, that drifty, feverish feeling.

Am I having fun yet?