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>…And I’m Off

15 Apr

>I’d like to come up with something topical and amusing this morning but I have to be at the opthamologist’s in an hour and there just isn’t time.

…Okay, one thought for this 15th April: If “taxes are the price we pay for civilization,” we’re being hugely overcharged.


>Well, So Much For That

8 Apr

>El Presidente has cancelled his visit to Indianapolis. The imminent FedGov shutdown — will the last useless wanker out please shut off the lights* — is cited as the reason.

He was going to be visiting yet another vehicle transmission plant, which has been a popular Hoosier pastime for high-level Democrat politicians — Hillary Clinton did it during the campaign, the President hit a different one last November. It must be hard for them to resist: big UAW-dominated factories, deep in flyover country, close to a major airport: in quick, out quick, leave us rubes dazzled.

But it’s not to be; with something akin to Actual Work looming, he’s stayin’ in town. It was okay to go walkabout while Libya festered and another earthquake rocked Japan, but if the old paycheck-conveyor might stop, for however short a time, whoa, Nellie! Gotta man the Oval Office!

Stand by for bipartisan I-blame-the-other-guys; heck, it’s already started.

(I can’t say as I mind. My Mom has yet more medical stuff today — she hasn’t been back to her house since January — and I had to take the day off to help out. This resulted in Great Unhappiness from above: we’re already shorthanded, we’ve got techs out on vacation plus the cold I had is still making the rounds and Presidential visits are extraordinarily busy times at the Skunk-Workings. Yeah, well, tough, I like my job but mothers are not replaceable).
* Yes, I wrote “useless.” Other than DoD — that’s another battle — and (probably) border control, can you name one essentially-essential service the Federal government performs? Most the governing you and I get is the nibbling of much smaller and closer ducks — municipal, county, state — while the Feds loom large in the background, passing out tax-grabbed largess and keeping people from filling in malarial swamps. True, they do employ a lot of people, people who’d likely have jobs just as good if society wasn’t being impoverished by the burden of paying for FedGov; mind you, the in-between would just suck. But ‘splain me, what is it Uncle Sam does that you don’t already get elsewhere and/or couldn’t do without?.

>Unclear On The Concept

20 Jan

>It turns out that problem with forcing government-run healthcare on us degenerate underclasses is that stupid old-fashioned definition of “freedom.”

You know, the one where freedom consists of being left alone? Tut, tut, we are told, “..let us not forget that we as a society created our government to make our choices…”

Y’know, I kinda didn’t; nor can I think of a single example where government intervention results in my having more uncoerced choices.

You will not be surprised to learn that this cool, rational philosopher-king is “is director of the Master in Public Health Program at Tufts University School of Medicine.” Nor that he considers ending fee-for-service medicine a “must.” Oh, boy, gimme a doc enjoying the same employment setup as an IRS auditor; I’m sure she’ll be deeply, deeply concerned about my health.


23 Dec


I’m off to the dentist (again) at oh-too-early today, then to work where I get to race the holiday with a pair of major-big-deal projects while Mom is in the hospital. On the other hand, I have a house and the heat and light works.

World War Next

China launches aircraft carrier ahead of schedule! Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia! Who gets to be the next Manchukuo?

WikiLeaks Leaks Russian Secrets

Little something for those of you who were grousing how Julian “Mr. Class” Assange was only releasing item that damaged the United States government. Nope, he’s a general stepper-on of toes. Not all of his unwilling dancing partners play as nice as our guys; in this case he has (oh shock horror) linked the highest levels of the Russian government to (dramatic fanfare) organized crime! Who could’a guessed?

I remain in favor shining light into the bloated dark places of nation-states; it’s unfortunate that Assange is an uber-jerk and even more so that he encourages half-wits to forsake their oaths…but if you leave “secret” info out where a secretarial-pool PFC can get at it, just how secret was it, really?

>Word To Your…Congress

6 Dec

>I’m always happy to see divided government — it means they’ll spend more time fighting with one another and less time trying to pick my pocket or “improve” me — but I believe we need to sit the new crop down and give them a stern talking-to.

I’d tell ’em, “You didn’t get a mandate. You got this job because the guys before you pilfered the not-so-petty cash and wrote bloated, confusing laws; and the guys before them did the same thing and got into fights, too. We hired you to watch the place and keep us from going broke and only after you have accomplished that should you even think about ‘improving’ anything.” But would they listen?

You’ve got me there. I don’t know if they’ve ever listened.

>"…the giftie gie us…"

27 Nov

>”To see oursels as ithers see us!”*
It showed up at Neanderpundit, where Tam saw it; but I won the coin-toss:

Um, yep, that’s Canada making fun of TSA. Canada — the folks who said, “Sure, run that DEW Line right through here!” and its siblings, too — or some Canadians, anyhow, think maybe, just maybe, the paranoia might have got the upper hand.
* Robbie Burns, o’course, from the fittingly-titled To A Louse, though he had a parasite other than TSA in mind.

>Let’s Map….

23 Nov

>Why, look, it’s a map graphic!

What’s it mapping? TSA’s most enthusiastic groper locations? Not even a little! November’s voting patterns? Nope. Economic freedom? Kind of. Regulatory burden on the workin’ man? More or less. It’s a map of gas prices! Click on it to go to the site. The level of detail is impressive. At least in Indianapolis, it zooms right down to the street map level and shows the location of individual gas stations.

They’ve got one for Canada, too. A bit late for Canadian Thanksgiving, but there’s plenty more holiday driving ahead.

…Kind of an interesting correlation with politics on the U.S. map, hey?