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6 May

>At times, my spelling can be…creative. However, I have never trusted autocorrecting spellcheckers and it’s not only ‘cos they can’t keep up with my preposterous vocublary and propensity to invent words. Nope, it’s been this deep’n’fundamental suspicion….

Thanks to The Unspeakable Vault (Of Doom), now I know why.

Update: corrected spelling of “spellcheckers.” Smooooooth.


>P.S. to "Moved Out!"

12 Nov

>So, fifteen bags of trash, five old, beat-up wastebaskets, a 3′-cube wooden crate and assorted dead mops and battered window-blinds later, that minor “bagging up the trash” is done. Hully gee, I had no idea!

Spending eight hours in the house where we put undersized filters in the furnace for years and years (and I let it happen by being lazy, I don’t think I changed one ever), scrubbing and throwing away, really does wonders to alleviate nostalgia.