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3 Jun

>I’ve got myself in a fine kettle of fish. Or maybe porcupines; yeah, with cactus.

One of my siblings was incredibly helpful when Mom X had heart surgery and during her long, difficult convalescence. My other sib travels on business a lot — routinely — and I work awkward hours. So a lot of it fell to her: taking care of Mom’s devoted doggie, hospital visits, evaluating and checking up on nursing home staff, transportation and so on and on.

In the course of this, my sibling’s car went wonky in an expensive way (my siblings and I share some traits; one of them is, we’re not especially car-proud and are like as not to be driving near-clunkers. We’re no great shakes with money, either; and we’re effective and devoted procrastinators). But that was no problem, since most of the transportation duties involved Mom’s larger sedan anyway. The broken car was parked, to be dealt with later.

So later came and sib had been whacked hard with heating bills (Um, renting a place with an ancient thermal/gravity furnace? Not a good idea. At 65F, it can’t move enough air; at 72, you’ll go broke. Live and learn). So it had to wait; then a lump-sum check was late…. Hey, I’ve been there, maybe not as bad or as long.

And after a month or so of this, with Mom home now but generally carless, I had to go and suggest sib and I meet up at a nearby car-repair jernt and I’d pay for it — no-interest loan, however long it took. (Yeah, even forever. Remember, none of us are all that good with money). Given the other loans, etc., probably a good idea if no extra funds passed through my sibling’s accounts.

The reaction was…less than positive. As in, there was no way sib would ever wanna be beholden to me, didn’t want me to be in a position where I could dictate her activities, yadda-yadda-yadda. –Some of that’s on me: we’re not close, I have refused to loan money (when I didn’t have it — I don’t have it now, either but I’d’ve paid credit-card rates to resolve the car tangle).

All I wanted was to remove one of the impediments to Mom’s getting into physical therapy. I’ve had to do PT and it’s hard to make yourself do it, very easy to find reasons not to.

But all I managed to do was make the mess a little bigger. That’ll learn me.


>Blogger’s Back!

14 May

>The posts that they lost are back! Yayy, hooray!

However, your comments to those posts are still MIA. I’ve a good mind to ask for a refund of my….

Wait, something…. Right on the edge of memory….

Oh, yeah. I’m gettin’ this for free. Okay, then.


5 May

>Just to make it worse, I haven’t got a thing to say this morning. Got a pretty good headache, though.

>Huck The Cat: Attempted Escape

15 Apr

>He went tearing out the front door tonight, when I opened it without paying enough attention, and I was once again reminded that I intended to not get another cat after Tom and Slinky.

The heartbreak when they die is too darned difficult to get through. And, really, chasing them down when they are run out the door or into the basement is more work and emotional stress than it’s worth.

Tam and I managed to corral Huck in the neighbor’s front yard and he was back inside in minutes, but my heart was in my throat. Every cat I had as a child was eventually run over; Mother was (understandably) adamant about not having a litter box in the house and all cats were indoor/outdoor pets.

I’ll change my mind by the morning and think I was being utterly beastly but tonight, I really wonder if it wouldn’t be smarter (or at least easier on me) to just take him to the Humane Society.

Sometimes it’s just too much. I’m grateful I don’t have any children.


4 Apr

>…Was nearly a repeat of yesterday: woke up, cooked, felt lousy, soaked in the tub (hey, there’s a change!), went to bed, slept, woke up, watched the toooob and had a bite, and now, back to bed.

I haven’t felt anything near 100% for the last three days. Preposterous.


3 Apr

>I got up yesterday, made breakfast, sat around awhile…and went back to bed. Woke up about midnight, watched the last half of K-19: The Widowmaker, picked up a book, read a chapter and fell asleep again.

I don’t know if it is that cold (my sinuses are still altogether too busy) or what, but it is not fun.


24 Mar

>My tsunami of a cold has abated, leaving me still with a rattling cough and sneezy (plus a few cold sores ‘cos I am so lucky), but there’s a definite feeling of not-being-sick. Maybe it’s just having my temperature settle for a happy medium.

Outdoors, not so much; there was a short, nasty little front blowing through overnight and in its wake, the warm breezes and sunshine of the last two days has yielded to unseasonable coolth (36! F!) and overcast. Still, no snow, so I’ll count it a win.

Elsewhere in the world, Germany is prepared to give up nukes (at least for power generation); or so they say. Not every member of Ms. Merkel’s government agrees with the plan. Driven by fear of earthquakes followed by tsunamis, lingering Cold War nightmares or simple, cynical political maneuvering? Who cares; let ’em freeze in the dark. Or buy power from China, who I’m sure will be happy to burn more coal for the Common Good.* The Russians are already in that game, which is fine as long as the countries concerned are being BFF. Oh, and as long as the wind is blowing the other way. Don’t mind the ashes!
* Yes, I’m aware this is impractical at best. Maybe the Vaterland could just buy coal from them instead? I’m sure the citizenry won’t mind the black rains, as long as they’re not radioactive. Umm, “…ounce for ounce, coal ash released from a power plant delivers more radiation than nuclear waste shielded via water or dry cask storage.” Oops! Should we tell ’em?