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>Possbly Made Of Win

8 Oct

>Nathan Fillion + Steampunk! …I didn’t know Captain Tightpants was even back on TV, but he is, on one of the $GENERIC POLICE DRAMAS that I routinely ignore.

Next Monday, maybe not so routine.



29 Sep

>Do you feel insecure? Are loud, overbearing neighbors making you fret? Have experiences in previous decades left you without reserves? Try the wonder drug Maginot!

STG, under the supervision of CORF, is proud to present their all-new, iron-clad shield for the worried and weary: Joffre’s MAGINOT! A modern miracle of integrated systems, featuring early warning of troubling symptoms and deep, deep defense, Maginot will lift those shadows and put pep back in your step! In no time at all, you’ll be sipping cafe au lait, smoking Gauloises, debating Existential philosophy and sneering at tourists. Ask your policy advisers about Maginot today!

Warning: use of Maginot may lead to overconfidence. Some users of Maginot have experienced lengthy periods of loss of control, in some cases lasting over four years. This product must not be used in conjunction with Belgium. Maginot and the related treatment, Eben-Emael, have not been tested for success against shaped charges or glider assault. Consult modern strategists before using Maginot. Use only as directed and don’t forget, there’s always surrender followed by collaboration, with underlying determined resistance until side-effects abate; direct application of American, British and Commonwealth forces may speed relief.

PS: Once again, Italy wins on style points! Way kewl. Didn’t actually see a whole lot of use.

>Adventure Tale: Yes But No

19 Sep

>I had the kewlest idea for an action-adventure movie, in which our dashing heroine must outwit the unwashed, print-shop-operating, short-statured survivors of an ancient South American civilization; then it was pointed out that “Indiana Bobbi and the Stinky, Pygmy, Inky Incas” was gonna make announcer’s heads explode. (Then there’s the problem of ’em not being especially short, nor ever less familiar with bathing than, say, classical Romans. Frikkin’ reality!)

>And Then There Were Two

29 Jul

>Limax has a girlfriend! Limax has a — well, actually, slug relations are both more and less complicated than that (slugs have only one sex, Utility Infielder); but it’s the principle of the thing. I noticed them when heading back into the house from working in the garage. I have been trying to keep an eye open for the critters, wondering if the one I saw lived nearby or was just passing through….

Asked and answered: For scale, the round pods next to them are hackberries, almost as big as green peas.

Are these slugs fast? They were both in plain sight when spotted, elephant-gliding across the walk. In the time it took to me to get indoors, cross the kitchen to the library, grab my camera and race back out, the Number One Head Slug In Charge was ducking under the downspout. For slugs, they’ve got game. Not sure if this is the same Great Gray Slug I spotted soloing earlier — markings are close. The caboose one looks very different. Pretty fair sidewalk-patterned camo, though.

Sure wish I could get ’em to hunt ants. We have a surplus.

>Mood Lifters: Airplanes, Clever Republicans

28 Jul

>…Aw, heck — any politician from any party who was clever the right way would be jake with me; but so few are. This item’s fun just for the Palinesque Leftie-heads-go-splody aspects: “Has Jeb Bush” (dramatic organ chords) “Gone Tea Party?!?!?!”(even dramatic-er organ chords). I dunno. But I’ll bet he’ll go where the votes are.

And as for planes — more to the point, air shows — a reader sent me this link to his collection of air-show photos awhile back and I have been savin’ it for a rainy day; with the current humidity, we’re close enough. Have a look — enjoy!

>Ingenious Engine

14 Jul

>The Simplicity (!) Motor Works One-Cylinder Rotary Engine. Sure, it sounds insane, but it makes perfect sense once you’ve seen it.

Still, it’s the darnedest thing I’ve seen in awhile. Two connecting rods and a split crankshaft? Yowza! –And just to prove irony ain’t rusted away yet, the makers note, “It is ideal for drones or UAVs!” Great; when they come for me, I’ll be too fascinated by the kewl machinery to do anything about it….

>Link Some Of You Will Follow

26 Jun

>Edible Panniers. Well, sort of. Plus, stretchy black rubber. And (feh) recycling.

…Heh, heh, heh. Followed it, didn’t you?

Among all the other multiform badnesses of late, the back tire on my bike went phlatt just about a week ago to the day. Yeah. Nice touch. I managed to get the wheel removed yesterday and Tam took it to the bike shop today.

She brought it back, of course, with a super-mondo Kevlar-laced tactical combat-tire from Bontrager, same guys that make the grocery carrier linked to above. And not just ‘cos she’s The Tamara, it was all they had that fit. The 35″ wheels on my bike are not totally common, I guess. Total miscue: they’re 700 x 35, call it 27 and two-thirds in inches. And common enough.

Put it back together (easy as cake!) and made a run to the store this evening.* Nice! Alas, my chain is still FU.BAR and I found the bad link: roller’s shot, forced out of position and locked up. That’ll mean a new chain, I think. So back to the bike shop tomorrow, that one JUMP! per go-round when it hits the small drive sprocket is just too nasty to tolerate. I feel silly admitting I either didn’t know or had forgotten there’s no master link on this kind of roller-link chain but it’s true. Only dawned on me after the third time around, looking.
* Got fixin’s for and cooked up Swiss Steakburgers on toasted rye, with red onion, dill, coarse mustard and chili sauce: fit for…well, me. And Tam. YMMV.