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>I Should Post Something

14 May

>–The Indiana Supreme Court has given me a headache; anyway, I’m blaming them by default.

Let’s see: my birthday’s coming up, and I’d like one of these. Or even this. And a cargo carrier and saddlebags for it.

But what I’m gonna actually get is some cards and a whole lotta OT. Well, a little OT and darned few days off. Beats not workin’!

Elsewhere: Carl Bussjaeger links to the “Florida Outlaws Sex (only not)” reports but points out that the Sunshine State has recognized some Constitutional rights for pigs, which does give one to wonder just exactly with whom — or what — the Legislature has made sex not-illegal? (And here I thought thought the hip, modern bents for Our Elected Officials were pederasty and pedophilia; I guess there’s always a traditionalist or two in the crowd? Certainly it is not a notion of which most of them have never been accused). It’s for sure pig-rights are yet another reason why bacon (the real staff of life) is so darned expensive. (Y’know, there wasn’t even any civilization as such before there was bacon. I’m just sayin’).


>I Was Too Slow

1 Apr

>Tam wrote down my April Foolery before I could — which is a bit of an April Fool’s in and of itself.

(I’ll link as soon as she’s got it posted. Linked!)

>Random Items

28 Mar

>- Actually got a lot of laundry done today — and folded or on hangars. Even ironed some hankies. I feel so grown-up! (Cloth handkerchiefs? Yes and I’m not just being old-fashioned; colds are really harsh on the skin of my poor nose, which gets chafed and peels and turns bright, bright red. Cloth is even gentler than lotion-loaded facial tissue).

– A couple of friends commented during the height of my cold about how stalwart I was to be blogging. Um, lookit, determination has nothing to do with it. When my temperature is on the bad side of 100, I can’t really stay in bed; if I’m gonna be up, flapping my nightgown, perspiring and patting my fevered brow with a cool cloth, I might as well sit down at the computer and type a few lines, too. Keep doing that every time you stumble by and you end up with a post. Note to self: Spellcheck is my friend. I should trust Spellcheck.

– Speaking of colds, the blame thing is still with me. Sinuses filling, coughing up — well, never mind, but it’s not fun. My temperature’s steady and while Sudafed is keeping it from becoming overwhelming (doesn’t stop it, how messed-up is that?), it’s annoying.

– Got on the air on my ham set-up tonight and discovered my “Milennium Bug” Blue Racer needed the dit contacts cleaned. But not immediately: they acted up just as soon as I was actually in a conversation. Isn’t that ever the way it goes?

>Ahhhh, The Weekend

26 Mar

>You’d think after missing two days of work last week, I’d find the weekend redundant. Nope. Last week felt like it lasted a month — uphill both ways!

Woke up to the lunatics inside my TV chirpily predicting “accumulating snow” starting this evening, so I pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep. It didn’t help; they were making the same forecast when I woke up again an hour later.

And that brings us to here: cats fed, coffee made, bloggage posted. Now it’s time to make breakfast!

>Ice Station Roseholme

5 Feb

>Tam hacked away at foot-thick ice a bit before mid-day to free up the tree-shaded the side gate; me, I was lazy, and waited until this evening to challenge the front walk. It had been salted before the ice fell and was salted on top today. I took a cheap hatchet and chopped outside the width of the walk to create a fault line, then attacked it with a shovel:(“Before” photo here.) Took about a half-hour. How thick is that ice? Oh, 3 to 4 inches…. Whew! Most of the really big slabs shattered when heaved off to the side.

Excellent cheat: I ordered (Amazon next-day delivery: try it via Tam’s link) “Yaktrax” slip-over-shoe traction thingies and they really, really work! Not spikes but steel coil springs wound around a stretchy plastic webbing.

>Ha! Better!

23 Jan

>I’m not a hundred percent but I neither feel or look like death, badly microwaved back to an approximation of operating temperature. Joint pain and some peripheral neuropathy numbness in my fingers and toes persists, but I think it is getting better. I sure feel better.

A nice breakfast of fried rice (plus quinoa) with bacon, carrot and baby Vidalia onion helped, too. (Saw this while finding the link. I don’t care if it’s organic or healthy or not what most folks call chili; I can work past that for the sake of the ingredients. Jeepers, it sounds and looks good! Prolly needs a dabba salt or mebbe bacon).

Pithy opinion will follow, though right now the Prairie Home Companion movie is playing on the big living room toooobe* and I am minded how very much better Keillor is in small doses and/or playing in the next room. Man can be charming when he’s not throwing out the fun for a pot of message but that seems rarer and rarer.
* Yeah, they finally got me. An online vendor had 42″ refurbs at a semi-reasonable price; we got some at work: they have a zillion inputs and and the viewing angle is like 180 degrees. That sold me.

>I Am Now Protected From Nerve Gas

23 Jan

>Also, I’m honester. But I promised Tam she could tell the tale and you’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow.

Update: It’s tomorrow already. This stuff is named “Bella Alk,” which sounds like a vampire with a taste for passed-out winos. The dosage is tiny and small wonder — generically: Atropine, Hyoscyamine, Scopolamine (all just about the same thing, found on your conjurer’s shelf in the henbane, mandrake, datura seed and deadly nightshade section) and Phenobarbital. Down the hatch! Ooooo, spiders.

(By way of explanation, spiders. This also explains why you always hear barking afterward even if there aren’t any dogs in your neighborhood. And it is soooo frustrating for the spiders, too).