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>It’s European Typewriter Day!

30 Apr

>’Cos they credit a different guy with making the idea work. Y’know, I’d say “when it’s steamboat time….” but his boat steamed rather early (1808!) and it steamed for love: he built the thing so his beautiful, blind girlfriend could write letters! It appears he also invented carbon paper — instead of the typewriter ribbon.

Sadly, his machine did not survive, though letters written by means of it do; and that’s how we know it was real. Can’t seem to find images of them online, rather a pity.

–Among other things, this points up a better aspect of dating tech geeks. Just sayin’.


>Not An Epithet

11 Apr

>”Iotified Big Yus” is not a term of opprobrium. And despite what you may have heard from your friends or on TeeeVee, “Closed Little Yus” isn’t, either. So stop yellin’ ’em at people in traffic, okay? It’s embarrassing.

>Friday Typeblog

26 Jun

>Update: The overly-clever point here — which Tam and Crucis saw — is that while the Corona Comet looks rilly rilly good, it’s got some issues that make its output very difficult to read. Meanwhile, rattier machines are producing pretty good copy. Looks are nice but results are what counts!
Shot with a camera: the scanner was being stubborn.