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>Mary Baker Eddy Goes Paperless

31 Mar

>The final daily print edition of the venerable Christian Science Monitor hit the stands four days ago. They haven’t abandoned traditionalists entirely — there’s still a weekly edition.

A little item rarely mentioned in this context (and one I would not have known if an old friend had not ended up in the job) is that the purchase of newsprint is the largest single item in most newspaper’s budgets. It is somewhat speculative; buying the right amount at the right price at the right time — or failing to — can make the difference between profit or loss for a newspaper. Some guy or gal you’ve never heard of, who does not own, publish, edit, report, sell ad space or lay out pages can make or break the Local Whizbang Daily. And maybe that is a little whack.

–The flip side is, a print article is well-nigh impossible to alter once it’s hit the streets, while on the Web, “Make it didn’t happen,” is altogether too easy. There are ways around — Google’s caches, if you’re fast, sites like Wayback Machine if you’re not — but none of them are as accessable or as solid as last week’s paper.

Time marches on, often in ways few saw coming. What’s over the horizon?

Update: More and better on Why The Newspapers Died from print journalism insider Joanna.


>More Big China Fun

30 Mar

>…Honestly, I had no idea the Red Menace was this menacing: Vast Computer Spy Network (discovered by…Canadians! They are our first line of defence, after all).

Something to consider as the clock ticks down to the 1 April activation of the “Conficker C” virus, ey?


29 Mar

>…Sorry I haven’t posted much today. Looks like the BlogMeet will be just me and….crickets….

Maybe Tam, maybe her pal, possibly one or two others.

Update: Or, possibly Tam, Shootin’ Buddy, Kerry, Kerry Sr., Caleb, Joanna, Old Grouch, Mr. Images and the Shermlock family, plus a couple more!

>Indy BlogMeet Tomorrow!

28 Mar

>Broad Ripple Brew Pub. Open to bloggers and blog-readers!

(Today, for me, much digging out from under and laundry; my road-trip left me with a bit more to get done).

BlogMeet Sunday: See you there!

>By The Way…?

28 Mar

>There is no Moon. We’ve been had!

>Name Game

28 Mar

>First — as my readers faithfully pointed out — GWOT became OCO.

And now? Now NYC’s “rebuild even taller!” response to the 9/11 barbarians is no longer Freedom Tower. Nope, it’s right back to One World Trade Center.

…And it’s only a coincidence this happens at the same time as our bestest pals EVAR, Red China, has signed a long-term lease on a couple floors of the building-to-be. They’re not afraid of the word “freedom,” they use it all the time — just like in Orwell’s 1984.

>What Are You Going To Do To It?

27 Mar

>…That’s what Caleb asked about my new Sistema Colt. He and I have a very different take on what to do with a 1911 but I simply answered, “Clean it and shoot it,” without considering that a serious competition shooty-guy would naturally view a bone-stock 1911 as the raw material you took to the ‘smith to have turned into a gun.

I am not a total purist:

The chipped edge of the sear probably contributes to an unreasonably heavy trigger, which I will have an Actual Gunsmith correct.

The lovely wide-spur hammer bites me, unlike my .38 Super 1911’s only slightly more modest hammer. Correcting that calls for one of two changes and here I do get a little picky: the fix cannot require changes to the frame and has to be reversible. So I need either a little “beavertail” grip safety of the drop-in variety, which is tactically doubleplus uncool ‘cos that kind interferes with the proper high grip or a spurless hammer like the Cylinder & Slide Warp Speed, which I’m pretty sure would have to be professionally fitted, especially since I want to be able to put the original hammer back in. I prefer the second option but I’m still thinkin’.

Sights. Ow. The original sights are not bad; unlike my .38SA, nobody’s polished the corners off the front sight. Still, nice three-dots would work better for me. If I have modern sights installed, that’ll be irreversible.

What I’m after is to make changes that will make the gun nicer to shoot without losing the classic feel and look of the gun. I like ’em simple but not ugly.