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>How Likely Is That?

31 May

>What? This. Or this.

Tam spent like an hour linkin’ Joanna to Kevin Bacon. A little while later I heard her mutter “…they automated it…?” Yes. They did.


>Mail Enhancement

31 May

>…So, the TV’s yammering to itself in the next room and one of those commercials comes on. You know, the ones for Mail Enhancement:

“Is your neighbor getting a lot more cards and letters than you? Day after day, is their box bulging while yours is…unfulfilled? Take Placebon! Soon, you’ll enjoy larger and wider correspondence. More sensitive and exciting, too, with longer-lasting, multi-page letters….”

Or that’s what it sounded like. And all this time I have been under the impression that “mail enhancement” was postcards with hyperlinks. What wonders will Science bring us next? TV is so much better with the pictures off, especially late at night.

>The Supremes!

31 May

>…I always thought it was some of Diana Ross’s best work. And one of the best groups outta Motown, ever!

But it’s the other kind of “Supremes” getting all the headlines these days. I haven’t mentioned it — you are on th’ Intarwebz, after all, with Google an’ such — but I have not been too impressed with the fuss. Either she’s got the chops to do the job or not; she’s one vote of nine, the guy she may replace wasn’t especially a friend to my rights (or yours either) and thus it’s pretty much a wash.

She’s not the first “Latin” (a term kinda like lumping everyone in or from the U.S., Canada and St. Pierre and Miquelon into one big bag an’ callin’ em, what, “Frankish”) to get close to the high court; Benjamin Cardozo would be that fellow, and he made it, too. In 2005, there was a lot of chatter that President Bush had Hispanic (‘nuther too-broad buzzword) candidates on the short list for the Court.

I sure wish someone would point out the part of the Constitution that calls for ethnic representation on the Supreme Court. Is there some minimum percentage and if so, I’m one unofficial Cherokee wonderin’: how come Native Americans never had a Justice all their very own? My family’s dim claim to tribal membership lapsed long ago but folks in a better position that way have raised the question, too.

It’s all just darn silly. Either a Justice is a competent legal mind or not; they all go a bit rogue once it dawns on ’em that they’re the last appeal and well-nigh impossible to fire, at which point we start getting a pretty darn good look at what they really think and even a glimpse at how they support it.

Time will tell. Is she kinda scary for a gunnie like me? You betcha! But that’s based on her legal opinions, not her ancestry and culture. You know, actual qualifications, like we’re supposed to be looking at when deciding if someone can do a job, instead of their race, accent, religion or culture.

>Great Film Idea!

30 May

>…A Little Rascals adaptation of Atlas Shrugged“Panky Twugged!” ‘C’mon, you know it would be kewl. Alfafa as John Galt, Darla as Dagny….

I’m thinking with enough of the old films and some mad editing/effects skilz, it would be so do-able.

And so very messed-up.

>This Just In

30 May

>Got your ticket to space yet? Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites have tested the engines for their tourist rocket! (Video at the link)

>History They Hid

29 May

>1956: things get altogether sticky in the Middle East (no, even more than usual) and the Brits gin up a plan to dry up the Nile.

Dang. Y’can’t accuse ’em of thinking small, at least.

PS: A. Links fixed, thanks!
B. Here’s the main shut-off point.

>More Win!

29 May

>Hey! Indy 1500 Gun Show this weekend! I am so goin’.