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4 Jun

>Unk posted about Apple’s remote camera disable patent, to general complaint about jackboot-enablers.

It reminded me of an especially cute hardware hack, the keychan dongle that shuts off all nearby TV sets at the touch of a button. How long do you suppose it would be after the introduction of the camera-censoring tech that a nosy-cam version of TV-B-GONE showed up?


>Fourth Amendment Protest Lightly Covered

26 May

>At noon yesterday, Hoosiers rallied on the Statehouse grounds, protesting the recent “no right to resist unlawful police entry” ruling from our State Supreme Court (“60% dimwit by weight!”)

AP had a bit about the protest on their wires that most media ran as sent; stories on most media websites weren’t even updated for versions timestamped after the event. One local station sent a reporter and a cameraman; the Indy Fishwrap & Steam-Powered News covered it in a little more detail. I’d like to think the others did too, but there’s no proving that with a Google search.

I guess it’s not real news when Wookies do it? (Yeah, just keep on thinkin’ that; this issue has legs way out of proportion to its actual effects).

“Hundreds” reportedly at the rally, not bad for a Facebook flash-crowd on a work day with storms forecast. I was sorry to see they spoke of removing Justice Steven David but seem to have given his fellow Constitutional criminals a pass — all three need to be replaced with folks who won’t attempt to rewrite protected rights.

Even the winning attorney, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, wants the court to think again; he never asked for the ruling and would just as soon the hot potato went back to the hands that baked it.

>Talking To The TV

10 May

>Reporter (struggling to ad lib a breaking story live on the scene, someone’s house blazing away in the background): “Firefighters say everyone in the house got out in time. Paramedics are still treating four people in the fire.”

Me: “They should get ’em out of the fire, first! ‘Lady, there’s your problem’ Sheesh!”

It really is harder than it looks — but not as difficult as they make it look sometimes. (And the treated people were, in fact, well away from the burning building).

>Idiot Of The Day

4 May

>Random person, commenting on a Vanity Fair bit Claire Wolfe linked to:

“I believe the government and the media are owned outright by Corporate America…”

I’m not so sure about the first — I think they believe they own one another, in a kind of twisted, Rand-villain way — but as for the second, what did he think all those big, moribund newspapers, TV networks and broadcast-station groups were? Amphictionies? Sodalities? Heck yes, “Corpoarate Ameica” owns the media; built a lot of it from the ground up and wrote a check for the rest. To whom is this a surprise?

Jeepers, RCA and AT&T, Giant Soulless Corporations to the core, invented the radio network; they didn’t even need Roswell UFO technology or the Trilateral Commission to do it. Good? Bad? It means they all tend to shovel out a certain level of mediocre dreck; it means they will lie to you out of laziness. But conspiring? I am even less likely to to believe it of ’em than I am of Uncle Sam, mostly ‘cos they would sell one another out in a heartbeat.

>"One-Party Nation"

28 Apr

>From the Could Not Have Said It Better Myself Dep’t, Wick Allison:

When people tell me we need a third political party in America, I tell them they are wrong. What we need is a second party in America.

…The difference being, Wick voted for Mr. Obama (and endorsed him in print) — the linked article being subtitled, “Why I am recanting my 2008 endorsement of Barack Obama.” (We can, finally, be pretty sure that it’s not over his birth certificate).

Semi-relatedly, The Week offers five takes on why he-who-must-not-be-named (R0n P@u1) is running for Prez again. Who knows, maybe this time his own party’ll let him say a few words at their convention?

>Put That One In Your DSM-IV

14 Apr

>Anarachnophobia: an obsessive, morbid fear of the lack of spiders.

Not to be confused with “Anoraknophobia,” which is the title of some album. And/or the fear of anoraks.

>Woo-Hoo! "Atlas" Slated To Play In Indy!

11 Apr

>Atlas Shrugged Part One is on the playbill at theatres in Carmel and down on the South Side. Appears to have been picked up in Fort Wayne, too.

The thing about this film is not that I think Ayn Rand was the “it” girl or that I think Objectivism is The Answer and it is certainly not because I think Atlas Shrugged is a blueprint for the future; it’s that she’s a pretty good propagandist against the ills of big government and creeping socialism and for the benefits of genuinely free trade and a restrained, limited government.

That’s a message that needs to get out. There’s only one John Stossel, only one Reason magazine — and only one Ayn Rand. A lot of people are put off by a talky, thousand-page novel, but they’ll go to a movie. I’m hoping the filmmaker’s done a good job of giving us our money’s worth.

Rand’s proposed solutions can be poked full of holes from many angles but she certainly managed to identify the problem. And she makes Left-wing hippie’s heads explode, too.