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>Look At My Dinner…And Despair

24 May

>Big ol’ green salad with bell peppers. heirloom tomatoes, carrots, sure. But the star of the show? Morels fried in butter, sharing the plate with a slice of panchetta and a small slab of Gruyere cheese: Mmmmmmm!

So good, Tam cleared her plate, asked if I’d bought the delightful fungi nearby, and went and bought another bag. Yeah, they were cooked up and enjoyed in short order.

Even better with good company: Turk Turon, Tamara K and Tam’s new Red Vs. Blue DVDs!


>"You Can’t Flush A Call!"

16 May

>Ah, but if only…

I laughed aloud.

>Talking To The TV

10 May

>Reporter (struggling to ad lib a breaking story live on the scene, someone’s house blazing away in the background): “Firefighters say everyone in the house got out in time. Paramedics are still treating four people in the fire.”

Me: “They should get ’em out of the fire, first! ‘Lady, there’s your problem’ Sheesh!”

It really is harder than it looks — but not as difficult as they make it look sometimes. (And the treated people were, in fact, well away from the burning building).

>Idiot Of The Day

4 May

>Random person, commenting on a Vanity Fair bit Claire Wolfe linked to:

“I believe the government and the media are owned outright by Corporate America…”

I’m not so sure about the first — I think they believe they own one another, in a kind of twisted, Rand-villain way — but as for the second, what did he think all those big, moribund newspapers, TV networks and broadcast-station groups were? Amphictionies? Sodalities? Heck yes, “Corpoarate Ameica” owns the media; built a lot of it from the ground up and wrote a check for the rest. To whom is this a surprise?

Jeepers, RCA and AT&T, Giant Soulless Corporations to the core, invented the radio network; they didn’t even need Roswell UFO technology or the Trilateral Commission to do it. Good? Bad? It means they all tend to shovel out a certain level of mediocre dreck; it means they will lie to you out of laziness. But conspiring? I am even less likely to to believe it of ’em than I am of Uncle Sam, mostly ‘cos they would sell one another out in a heartbeat.

>Science Fiction News You Can Use

1 May

>SF writer Michael Z. Williamson offers up a fine list of works-in-progress/works to be released.

>Just Say Know

10 Apr

>In what person’s mind did it seem like a good idea to have middle-school children read a book that describes Truman Capote’s nipples? (No, wait, they’re Jem’s, not Dill’s. Still…! Or am I being neo-Victorian again?)

It’s no surprise you end up with book reports like the one linked to above. Or rumors about who really wrote the book.

>Astrophysicist Of Doom!

3 Apr

>A different kind of TV show review from Physics Today‘s Charles Day. Last line is world history in a nutshell, IMO.