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Blogger: Borked

13 May

They’ve broken it. This happens from time to time; this time, I think I will clone my other blog here.

Yeah, robot crotch.  What?

That About Sums It Up

(Of course, with B1ogger all semi-crashy, I can’t.  Is it time to just drop it and start over, way smaller?)


>Sorry, Folks

5 May

>No more commenting for awhile. Spot of bother. Hope to have it cleared up before you can say “Heath Robinson.”

>Mom X

27 Jan

>I had not mentioned that my Mom had scheduled some heart surgery. It was going to be tomorrow; she slipped and fell today, scary but producing only minor injuries, and now the docs haven’t decided if they’ll proceed or wait.

We’ll find out in the morning.


24 Dec

>I slept in. Need to get the latest on family. (Thinking about making an omlette if all is well. Bacon-Swiss, maybe? Or I’ve got bangers and tatties for mash. Or my fave, hash & eggs….but that gets old for anyone except me.)

Update I: Mom okay, wants to put off thinking too much about matters medical until after the three-day weekend and has been, so far, successful.

Update II: a 5-egg omlette containing bacon, Swiss cheese and a slice of Lebanon bologna; the eggs seasoned with a little bit of paprika, cumin and dill. And a dash of Cholula on it. Yum! And yes, I can fold a five-egg omlette. There isn’t even a trick to it. (Firefox thinks it should be “omelet.” Best two outta three?)


22 Dec

>…Is undergoing heart catheteization this morning. She had some blood pressure problems overnight. She would appreciate your good wishes and prayers — and so would I.

>Googling Google

11 Aug

>Holy cow, there’s an old data mine in the middle of the Google complex! Old, rusty trucks, bare, chewed-up dirt an’ all.

I was looking for this,* but it’s not on the Google Maps photo, or not very full of camera cars if it is. Old picture, just as they do down Oak Ridge way? Maybe.

(PS: Sure is California!)
* Via Say Uncle by means of Tam.

Okay, Here’s The Plan

8 Jun

I am keeping this as a backup site.  May/may not do some mirroring.