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>FCC Adopts "Net Neutrality"

22 Dec

>Interestingly, there’s some thought that the FCC may not have the authority to make “net neutrality” rules — oh, yeah, and those rules are anything but “neutral.” There’s already talk of a checkmate by Congress.

Always interesting to me that the worst enemy of the Bill of Rights is our own government.


>Thank You But Please Try Harder

9 Apr

>…If you are gonna e-mail your pals about my Real Life Tales Of Starship Tech-ery On The Hidden Frontier, get the tag right: it’s “I work on a starship,” not “I work on a star.” Them star things are hot, an’ you weigh too much on ’em, too. Plus it’s hard to get any sleep.

New readers (both of you), they’re in reverse chronological order. Click on the link, then scroll back to the earliest and read forward. Or read them in reverse, it’s your dime and my novel.