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>A Never-Ending Fount Of Wisdom

30 Jun

>Found, yet again, on the editorial page of today’s paper:

“…[I]t’s hard to think of a more dramatic example of foreign oil dependency than BP and the great Gulf of Mexico disaster.”

The tangled words of uber-sinister Leftie Dan Carpenter, of course, the same bold, brave fellow who boasts of mouse-trapping a woman from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: when she decried cap-and-trade for the dire effect it would have on everyone’s energy bills, then mentioned nuclear power as a possible alternative to conventional sources were it not for the huge cost of building ’em, clever Dan told her, “Talk about electric bills.” Then, he tells us, she changed the subject.

Yeah, bet she did, havin’ realized you’re an ijit: nuke plants cost like bejeezus because of the regulatory burdens and huge legal expense of dealing with addlepated lawsuits from the freeze-in-mud-huts-in-the-dark crowd. It’s a very similar can’o’worms to the one that cap & trade would open up — and it all exposes your agenda, Dan: you’d love to see everyone freeze in the dark…well, everyone except for you and the rest of the ruling elite of which you believe yourself to be a part.

Don’t count on it. There’s plenty of room under the bus and they don’t even slow down for a local newspaper columnist. When presshack lobbyists from the U. S. Chamber of Commerce have given up on you, you have reached a whole new level of irrelevance.



30 Jun

>Besides the taste — which is dee-lish! — another nice thing about making your own sweet/tangy coleslaw dressing with cider vinegar, sugar, fresh-ground pepper, some garlic/spice mix, a dash of salt and a splash of cold water is, the stuff costs like ten cents a cup; if you’ve made too much, oh well, down the drain it goes.

>He Makes My Brain Hurt

29 Jun

>Researching commentary on Andre Carson’s trite op-ed screed in today’s paper — one of those, “our lust for cheap oil caused the Deepwater Horizon oil spill” chidings, I realized I have one of those headaches so bad the only real treatment is to close one’s eyes and hope to faint.

…Since that’s not gonna happen, let’s take a closer look at the The Honorahorrible The Mister Representative Carson’s pointette and ask a few questions: Does he ride the bus in DC? Did he take Amtrak from Indy to Our Nation’s Capitol? If not, why not? Doesn’t he care about the environment?

And while he touts “alternative energy,” I wonder what his plan is to replace all the products from ammonia to bras to nylon zippers that account for the 28-some percent of non-fuel uses of crude oil?

But I guess glib Gaia-worship is easier than thinking, especially in the U. S. Congress.

>McDonald v. Chicago

29 Jun

>In your face, Dick Daley!

The Bradies are spinnin’ like mad, retconning like a comic-book franchise with a whole new stable of writers and artists.

We’re winnin’. They’re losin’. Let’s keep it that way.

>Repopulating Vermin

28 Jun

>In today’s Birdcage-Liner: big front page photo of one of ’em over a headline twice the size of the one over the other “news” story (“Have Our Top Generals Failed Us?” –Yes, if you expected a combination of Jesus, Daddy, Santa Claus and Alexander the Great): the endangered Allegheny Wood Rat. I was eatin’ breakfast at the time, too.

But there it is, in living color and bold as brass, a middle-sized* member of the rodentia, upon whose species the State Department of Natural Resources is spending a half-million of my money in order to reintroduce. Them. Of which. (Grammer-MEDIC!)

Psst, DNR? It’s a RAT. Eats some of your food, fouls the rest. Just like the cute little white-footed mouse the paper tells me they resemble. State bird biologist John Castrale — who I’d like to think may have more of an eye on hawk and eagle food than he lets on, but that’s just me — is quoted saying, “These species were here for thousands of years…we have an ethical responsibility to maintain…diversity.” Wonder how he’d react to an infestation of brown roaches? They’ve got all kinds of seniority, their species havin’ “been here” for millions of years!

Whatever supposedly-valuable niche is filled by a critter whose job it is to ruin my cornflakes, we can do without it. We can especially do without havin’ to put rats on Welfare with my tax money. Doggone it, they’ve failed at the species most iconic behavior and if the little thieves can’t manage to breed like, f’pity’s sake, rats, we should not be proppin’ them up.

Just Say No. To rodents.
*Ignoring the really huge ones because…well, ew.

>Tamara’s Video Wargame

28 Jun

>…Overheard while I’m making a salad:

“Am not either getting out of the truck!”
“Okay, I’m getting out but if you guys leave m, I’m gonna shoot somebody.”
(Bang-bang, kwha-hoom, bang)
click….you guys go on i’ll be fine… (bang, bang-bang-bang)
“I did not say that! That’s just the video game. I’m gettin’ back in the truck!”
(intense battle sounds)
“Aw, they shot me. Daggone it! Grrr….”

>Hope And Change What?

27 Jun

>And in other news, Gitmo’s gonna stay open. Bumpy ride? It’s all those hopin’ for change voters under the bus, the ones that didn’t used to be cynical. Gosh, kids, even I feel bad for ya now.